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Colorful Latch Lock Tins with Clear Top to match your packaging needs!

Posted by on 3/14/2014 to New Item Highlight

4 oz Latch Lock Tin with Clear Top

4 oz Latch Lock Tins with Window

Being able to show your product off while storing it in a gorgeous tin is a winning combination! Check out our newest tins with latch locks that have a window, we offer them in a HUGE VARIETY of colors. This tin comes with an easy-to-use latch and an air-tight rubber seal. This container is the perfect packaging solution for your tea, coffee, nuts, dry products or anything that you pack that you want to show off! These tins attract customers and we offer them at an attractive price.

  • Extra Thick Heavy Duty material used to protect your product!
  • Air tight rubber seal to keep your products fresh.
  • Clear lid is great for showing off your beautiful product!
  • Metal Latch Lock will keep your lid locked shut tight and will prevent spillage.

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 Colorful Latch Lock Tins with Clear Top to match your packaging needs!

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