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Smart Single Head Weighing Machine
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Smart Single Head Weighing Machine

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Smart Single Head Weighing Machine

Make your operation 5x faster with our new & Improved, 5th Generation

Developed over 10 years, the CJS2000 Series has proven to be the most versatile and accurate weighing machines on the market today. Made with 304 Stainless Steel (the same material that the St. Louis Gateway Arch monument is made out of), this machine is a very durable and a clean looking machine. Unlike most of the competition, our machine requires no air compressor to run. Our machine runs perfect right out of its packaging.

This series is designed to be extremely user-friendly, using a 5.5-inch touch screen which provides full control of the machine. Up to 10 presets can be customized, which allows the user to save time if you are packaging multiple different types of items and/or sizes.

Tired of the hassle of scooping, weighing, then fill? This is the machine that will replace that time-consuming task in an accurate and quick fashion; leaving you with more time to focus on more important tasks.

**Recommended for various kinds of coffee beans, powdery, granular, flaky and strip-like materials (ex: tea, rice, flour, nuts, food, etc)

Voltage: 220v
Weighing Range: 5g to 2,200g (up to 5 lbs)
Weighing Rate: 7-15 packs/min
Weighing Accuracy: +/-0.1g

Smart Single Head Weighing Machine Dimensions

Width x Depth x Height (top of hopper to floor):
25 in x 40 in x 101 in
635 mm x 1016 mm x 2565 mm

Dimensions of Table Top Platform

Width x Depth:
23-1/2 in x 15-1/2 in
597 mm x 394 mm

Dimensions of Touch Screen Display: 5.5 in or 140 mm

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Product Video

Single Head Weigh Machine Video

Single Head Weigh Machine Video

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