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Auto-Bagging Systems

Time to go automated!

Pairing our Auto-Bagging Systems with our Table Top Weigh Machine series will increase your packing speed & accuracy!

How to decide which model?

The Auto-Bagger is what is creating the packaging from a roll; the Table Top Weigh Machines are what is doing the weighing and dispensing.

Since the Auto-Bagger creates the packaging, you'll want to know which type of packaging you want. For example, we have models that create Stick-Packs, 3-side-seal Flat Pouches, and Fin-seal Flat Pouches.

Now that you know which type of bag you want to create, you'll want to pair it with a Table Top Weigh Machine. You'll need to know what is the target weight you're trying to achieve.

For example, if you use the Stick-Pack Bagger, you would not need to get a weighing machine that has a larger weighing range. You could utilize this Table Top Weighing Machine for it's smaller form factor and ability to handle the smaller weighing range, starting at 1 gram.

The former on the Auto-Baggers is what dictates the packaging width, this is fixed. However, the length is adjustable with the simple push of a button. So you will need to know what packaging size you'd like to create.

Still unsure which model to go with? Scroll down below to learn more!

 Products (Total Items: 5)
Auto-Bagger (creates 3-side-seal Flat Pouches)
Auto-Bagger (creates 3-side-seal Flat Pouches)
Your Price: $2,250.000
Auto-Bagger (creates Fin-Seal Flat Pouches)
Auto-Bagger (creates Fin-Seal Flat Pouches)
Your Price: $3,950.000
Automatic Nylon Pyramid Tea Bag Packing machine
Automatic Nylon Pyramid Tea Bag Packing machine
Your Price: $79,500.000
On sale: $49,500.000 On Sale
Stick-Bagger (creates Stick-packs)
Stick-Bagger (creates Stick-packs)
Your Price: $3,500.000
On sale: $2,450.000 On Sale
10" Web Pillow Pouch Auto-Bagger with PLC Control and Date Coding
Your Price: $4,999.000

Let's dive deeper...

What former size should I consider?

The former will dictate the width of the bag. The former sizes listed on the Auto-Bagger item listing will create a Flat Pouch (3-side-seal bag, stick-pack, or fin-seal) that is slightly less than half the width of the former size. For example, an 8 inch former will create a bag slightly smaller width than 4 inches, a 5.5 inch former will create a bag slightly smaller width than 2.75 inches.

What you will need to do is decide what is the max width of the bag you would like to end up with. Keep in mind that the length is adjustable and is not restricted by the former size.

Which Auto-Bagger model can make tea bags?

The Auto-Bagger (former size: 5.5 inch) can create square tea bags (without tag). You can use our 5.5 inch filter paper roll stock to create tea bags.

I already purchased a Table Top Weighing Machine from you, can I just buy an Auto-Bagger?

Absolutely! The Auto-Bagger will come with one communication cable that will allow the two machines to work together, creating an automatic system.

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