It's time to save money!

It's high time to save money and be more efficient!

We have the solutions for you!

It is a common misconception that you have to be a huge company in order to use weigh-and-fill equipment to run thousands of bags each day.

Currently, we have been exhibiting at different trade shows, showing off our Single Head Weighing Machine and companies have been loving it! They are surprised to find out that we have been selling it for over 8 years now and constantly making improvements. We are offering it right now at such a good price that they have been selling out quickly! Once companies got to see it in person, it is a no brainer to see how simple it is to run, fill many different sizes, and to save money & time!

  • 1. This product can save you money
  • 2. This product can save you time by packing & weighing faster and more accurately
  • 3. This product DOES NOT require an engineer to setup, run, and maintain

Here is a video showcasing a few different products it has handled

We are offering this machine with a NO-HASSLE 2 year warranty! This includes TECH SUPPORT as well!

Think about it like this, if this machine could pack faster and more accurately then your best employee, how soon do you think it would take in order to be a positive investment? No salary/payroll tax, no sick days, no vacation time. This machine is meant to run and keep on running strong. We still have companies using our first generation model with little-to-no maintenance! Now, we are currently in our fifth generation model!

We always live with a certain saying here at Sav-on Bags, "We only do well, when your doing well". With that being said, we would never want you to overspend on equipment or use inferior products. This machine will save you a lot of time and money and we want the opportunity to show you how. If you have any questions about the machine and it packing your product, please CLICK HERE to contact us anytime or write us a comment below! Want to do some more research, here is the item listing, CLICK HERE.


P.S. We are now offering the option to finance :)

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